Victory Brewing – Festbier

Festbier-bottleWhere has the time gone? The summer has passed, the weather is getting colder, and according to all the stores Christmas should be here any day now. Here I am sitting on my porch and fall is upon us!

So before I ramble on about how fast time passes the older you get, let me focus in on the great beer that comes with the changing of the seasons. Now you will see everyone online raving about all the Pumpkin beers. Not me though. I never really found the taste for those, but the Oktoberfest beers are the ones for me.

My favorite beer of autumn comes from Victory Brewing Company. Festbier just calls out for the changing of the season. It’s great to sit outside on a fall night when the air is crisp and the darkness has just settled in. Nothing is better than pulling out a 6-pack of your favorite beer and enjoying it with some friends.

This delectable beer has a smooth, malty taste and a copper appearance. I can never pick out all the flavors, but there is a fruity/nutty/something else (maybe chocolate) taste that reminds you of your favorite fall festival and picking pumpkins as a kid.

At 5.6% this beer won’t have you in that Halloween-night candy coma feeling like some of the high-alcohol pumpkin beers can.

Victory has nailed this beer for the Autumn months. Go pick your self up a 6-pack…. screw it… pick up a case, call up your neighbors, carve a few pumpkins and enjoy the taste of Fall with Victory’s Festbier!