Victory Brewing Company – Dirtwolf Double IPA

IMG_2306Damn you Victory!!!!! How could you? Why would you do such a thing?! What were you thinking?!

Those were my first thoughts when I heard that Victory’s Hop Wallop was going “on the shelf” so they could introduce a new beer. They were going to take a great beer in Hop Wallop and just toss it aside to bring out a new beer and hope that it would succeed. Doesn’t sound very smart to you does it? Well it didn’t to me either. Then I went and tasted Hop Wallop’s replacement. Two words: HOLY AMAZEBALLS!

I need to get a DirtWolf IPA glass!
Anyone from Victory reading this?!

DirtWolf Double IPA makes you forget about that other beer after the first sip! The hops that hit your palette are crushing. Your taste buds go into a frenzy as you try to pick out all the floral and citrus hoppy goodness. Once your get that first punch in the mouth with flavor, you then get to really enjoy this beer. The smell of hops is incredible as it infiltrates your nostrils. You start to take a few more swigs and this beer just gets better and better! The flavors really start to come through in the way of fruity and piney hop flavors that give this beer a great earthy quality. This delicious brew sits at 8.9% ABV but you would never know it as the alcohol is totally masked by the great flavors so be careful if you grabbed a few of these.

With Victory opening their second brewing location (Parkesburg) I do hope Hop Wallop comes back sooner than later. With that said, I am pretty sure 9 out of 10 times I would still pick up a case of DirtWolf. You just can’t go wrong. And as I wrote this, I finished the last bottle of my case. I guess I have to hit up the distributor for more!


This is a very sad image :(
This is a very sad image.





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