Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean Reborn in Bombers

Press Release courtesy of Stone Brewing Co. newstletter:

Stone Brewing - Smoked Porter Vanilla bean bombersWhen we released the first-ever bottled version of this vanilla-infused miracle last year, you let us know in no uncertain terms just how much you adored it. We were flooded with love notes, pledges of lifelong fealty, and heartfelt pleas to bottle more. Being the magnanimous and selfless folk that we are, we took your entreaties to heart and will grant your wish just in time for the holidays. Mark your calendars: Beginning December 2nd, 2013, devotees nationwide will once again be able to purchase and enjoy this rich libation. Even better, this time around, you’ll get more. This year’s release will be encased in generous 22-ounce bottles, so you’ll be able to share…or not; we totally understand why you’d want to keep this decadent brew all to yourself. Stay tuned for more info next week!

Update from Stone Brewinc Co email on 11/27

Last week you learned about the imminent return of one of our most beloved and elusive beers. These gorgeous 22oz bombers will begin gracing store shelves on Monday, December 2nd. And, as promised, today we’re spilling the (vanilla) beans and sharing the complete tasting notes, suggested pairings and areas selected to receive this bounty. You can see all the glorious details right now on the official webpage before the general public gets to see it next week.

Special Bonus: Just in time for you to impress the in-laws this holiday season, we present Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean BEER NOG, courtesy of our good friend and co-author of the The Craft of Stone Brewing Co., Randy Clemens (hint: it’s delicious with the non-vanilla-bean variety of Stone Smoked Porter as well, so you can make it today if you can’t wait).