Star Hill Brewery leaving twist-offs behind



Starr Hill is making a conversion from twist-off crowns to pry-off crowns on our 12oz. bottles, and we want you to know why.

Thanks to our loyal customers, Starr Hill continues to grow.  This steady growth has made it more challenging to integrate our twist-off glass supply with the brewery schedule, as our glass vendor only runs the current twist finish bottle every 6-8 weeks.  While both styles of crown are equally capable of assuring quality, the conversion to pry-off allows Starr Hill increased flexibility with glass supply and enables us to more easily produce to order.  This helps us continue to keep our beer as fresh as possible in the marketplace.

Starr Hill is passionate about quality and freshness.  We always strive to bring you the variety of Starr Hill aromas and flavors you’ve come to expect in every beer we brew.  We have one of the tightest freshness policies in the brewing industry because we believe craft beer is best appreciated fresh.  The conversion to pry-off bottle caps further enhances Starr Hill’s ability to fulfill that mission.

You will begin to see the first Starr Hill pry-off caps starting November 2013, but the full conversion on all brands will take place over the next six months.  During this time, you will find Starr Hill 12 oz. bottles with both twist-off and pry-off bottle caps in the market.  Our new caps will be bright red and labeled “PRY OFF” on the cap edge.  You can’t miss it, even if you’ve had a few.  Starr Hill 22 oz. and 750 mL bottles have always been produced with pry-off caps and will continue as pry-off with the new red bottle cap.

We appreciate your continued support and understand that the quality and freshness of a great beer cannot be compromised.  Keep those bottle openers ready for action!

Thank you for helping Starr Hill in its mission to share the gift of great beer.

Mark Thompson