Troegs Scratch #122 Released – IPA

Troegs - Scratch Series


SCRATCH #122-2013 – IPA

RELEASE DATE: 11/22/13

Beers – especially IPAs – brewed with hops from Australia and New Zealand are turning the heads of craft beer enthusiasts across the nation. We have dabbled with Galaxy hops in a few previous Scratch Beer offerings, but it is Scratch #122 that truly captures the essence of this wonderfully complex hop variety from “down under.” Its high alpha acid content and intense aromatics make Galaxy a perfect dual-purpose hop (for bittering and aroma). Boasting a broad bouquet and zesty flavor profile, Galaxy hops offer a virtual “produce stand” of tropical fruit diversity. Scratch #122 will overwhelm your palate with hints of sweet and tart passionfruit, ripe peach, lemon-lime, papaya, pineapple, and mango. If that doesn’t make you thirsty, we don’t know what will!