Red Hook – Winter Hook

This is the first review in the series “12 Beers of Christmas” – Everyday for 12 days we will have a review on a Christmas/winter beer. 

Red Hook - Winter HookWith Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and most of 2013 behind us it is now time to look forward to the most important time of the year. No not Christmas or New Years. It is time for all the great winter beers waiting to be drank! I was lucky enough to grab quite a few that I have never had before. One of them happen to be Red Hook’s Winter Hook #29 (Why 29? Red Hook changes the recipe ever so slightly every year and this is the 29th year of this beer).

I am not sure why, but as the days get colder the beer in my home flows that much easier. One beer turns to two and two becomes three. That is when I happened to grab the Winter Hook from my #PACBeerFridge and dived in.

I poured this beer into my glass out came a dark brown color brew. As I picked up the glass for my first swig the smell of roasted malt hit my nose as well as my tongue. Along with the roast came a nice caramel that finished with a hint of spice. The beer did not hit like a ton of bricks rather it settled in nicely as an easy sipper.Red Hook - Winter Hook with glass

As I continued to drink the beer it became clear that you could easily drink a six pack of these by the fire as you watch some football or maybe something more festive like “A Christmas Story” or “Christmas Vacation“.  If cousin Eddie was having this beer he would say “It’s a beaut Clark”.

If Red Hook was going for an easy drinking beer that the craft beer aficionado could drink a few of or one that the craft beer newbie could drink and not be overwhelmed then they nailed it.   So sit back, enjoy the holidays and make sure to have some Red Hook Winter Hook in your fridge for the holidays.