Avery Brewing Company – Old Jubilation Ale

This is the sixth review in the series “12 Beers of Christmas” – Everyday for 12 days we will have a review on a Christmas/Winter beer.

Avery - Old Jubilation in stockingThe holiday season is a great time to take a moment and reflect on the year. To think about the great things that have happened and to look forward to what is to come. This past January my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. Our son Cooper is an awesome and amazing kid (what parent doesn’t say that) that makes my wife and I laugh everday. He is quite the little entertainer.

As I sit here thinking about 2013, I realize that time is just going by faster and faster and it probably won’t slow up anytime soon.  But sometimes you can slow it down just a little if you just sit down and take a moment and relect while drinking a wonderful winter beer in the form of Avery Brewing Company’s Old Jubilation Ale.

Avery - Jubilation Ale - Christmas ballA good portion of the “Winter Beers” focus on being very fruity and overly spiced. Avery has stayed away from dumping spices into a beer just to give it that Winter flavor. Instead, Old Jubilation Ale has a very distinct roasted flavor when you first take a sip. As you let it sit in your mouth for a split second, you then get a bit of a silky molasses that evens out to a malty finish. It is an overall very smooth beer that just about anyone could enjoy while sitting in front of a fire or at the office Christmas party while rocking your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

This delectable and very tasty beer is easy to drink quickly and grab another, but better if you take it slow. Not only does the beer get better as it warms up a bit out of the fridge, but at 8.3% this is not a beer you should be drinking five or six of either.

Do yourself a favor and go grab a bottle of Old Jubilation. Pop it open on that last day of work before the holiday starts and let the relaxation set it. You will not be disappointed!