Rogue Ales – Santa’s Private Reserve

This is the eighth review in the series “12 Beers of Christmas” – Everyday for 12 days we will have a review on a Christmas/winter beer.

Rouge Ales - Santa's Private ReserveOn the eighth day of Christmas Santa brought me an ale from his private stash, a Rogue Ales, Santa’s Private Reserve.  My previous experience with this Oregon based brewery is that of maltiness; from their Mocha Porter, Chocolate Stout, and the famous Dead Guy Ale. I associate Rouge Ales with flavor.

Santa’s Private Reserve dials in at 6.0% ABV, and is easily drinkable.  While pouring the beer the copper color and and slight hop aroma are apparent.  This ale is modestly hopped which pairs nicely with the malts.  The malts used create a caramel flavor.

Rouge Ales - Santa's Private Reserve - glassThere is nothing special about this beer.  The labeling and marketing of the name is what caught my eye and led to my purchase.  I feel a little bamboozled buying this brew.  It’s kinda like that shiny new toy, marketed with flashy commercials and catchy packaging that every kid needs to have; but what it comes down to is that its a mediocre toy, well beverage in this case.  Ah, capitalism and commercialism…  it’ll be the death of us all.  I can’t say that I won’t drink another Rogue Ale because they definitely make some fine brews, but the Santa’s Private Reserve is not a top prospect for a holiday ale.