Bell’s Brewery – Winter White Ale

This is the ninth review in the series “12 Beers of Christmas” – Everyday for 12 days we will have a review on a Christmas/winter beer.

Bells Brewery - Winter White Ale cap glassI am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. It always hits at different times each year. It might be a song that comes on the radio, maybe putting up the decorations around the house, or quite possibly in my case drinking that one winter beer that just gets me into the holiday season. This year that brew that sent me into the holly jolly spirit was Bell’s Brewery Winter White Ale.

Now most would think that the beer that puts you in the holiday spirit would be one filled with tons of fruits, roasted malts ,and spices galore. That definitely isn’t this beer. Bell’s Winter White Ale is a very crisp and clean witbier that reminds you of those clear winter mornings where the cold air hits your nose and the air smells so pure. The beer pours a light golden hue and the smell of wheat floats up to your nose immediately. A light citrus flavor hits your lips as you take a sip and then the wheat comes through in the end just as a true witbier should.

IMG_2452Sitting at 5% ABV this is a beer that you can enjoy a few of these while hanging the lights on the house and not worry about falling off the roof. This is not a beer that you will blow you away as being overly different than some other witbiers, but it doesn’t have to. Bell’s Winter White Ale is a solid addition to any holiday activity.