Victory Brewing – Winter Cheers

This is the eleventh review in the series “12 Beers of Christmas” – Everyday for 12 days we will have a review on a Christmas/winter beer.

Victory Brewing - Winter CheersOh Victory, what a year you are having. A new brewery opening up in Parkesburg, PA and you introduce a great new beer in DirtWolf. That would be enough work for anyone in one year but then go and introduce a new seasonal in Winter Cheers and you nail it perfectly!

Whenever I pour a winter beer I expect to have a deep brown hue with the hint of cherries and spices. That definitely did not happen when I popped the top on Winter Cheers. Out came a light hazy yellow liquid that poured more the color of a hefeweizen. Then came the smell of citrusy hops and bananas with a strong scent of wheat as well.

I couldn’t wait to taste this delicious looking beverage after realizing how different it is from all other winter beers. It is crisp and clean while still reminding you of the cold months. Less of a holiday reminder and more of an all winter, snow on the ground, crisp air in the morning type memory flowed through my brain. This beer was more than tasty and I wished I had gotten more than one bottle. A case is what I will be buying the next time as Winter Cheers is a beer that you can enjoy a few in a night as well as all winter long as the snow comes, the holidays go by and continue to drink as the snow melts and the spring starts to show.