Roy Pitz Brewing Co News


Release of our seasonal products in 22 oz. bomber bottle’s: Honest Ale will be first one released in early March, followed by Mind Your P’s and Q’s in June.

The Grand opening of our expansion at The Beer Stube… we are adding on space for 50 more people including a second bar area and music room. This means we can have larger bands play at our facility! We are also expanding our kitchen and menu and adding a smoker! Smoked meat and beer…u can’t beat it!

In addition we are offering this room as a private rental for parties and events for all occasions on Sundays, Tuesday, and  Wednesday.

Live Music is always Thursday and Saturday nights starting at 7:30 pm

February/March brews:

Liquid Art February (Back Flip Dunkel): This German Dunkel boasts flavors of nuts, chocolate and caramel with a noble hop aroma and pine like bitterness. The flip comes in the tartness and fruitiness of raspberries! Dark, rich, and malty with hints of fruit and smooth finish of a lager.
ABV: 6.3%
O.G.: 1.058
Suggested Temperature: 38 F
Suggested Serving Glass: pint
Suggested Food Pairing: dark chocolate, cheddar cheese, apple slices, BBQ chicken
Expected Release Date: Wednesday February 12th 2014
Spring Seasonal (Truly Honest Ale): This is our signature brew that started it all. This beer is made with four different specialty malts, including two foreign caramel malts, a pale malt and a toasted malt. These malts impart a subtle toasted/sweet taste. This malty brew is then graced with floral and aroma hops which balance the “maltiness” of this brew and leaves behind a smooth finish on the palate. Top notch ingredients make this a seriously drinkable, not bitter, American ale. There’s no reason to lie. Honest.
ABV: 6%
O.G.: 1.062
Suggested Temperature: 45 F
Suggested Serving Glass: Basic Ale Pint Glass
Suggested Food Pairing: Lunch fare; grilled, roasted, or stewed meats
Expected Release Date  Monday March 10th 2014
Liquid Art March (Greatful Red): This Scottish Style Ale is brewed with 11 different malts including a healthy addition of Toasted Rye, a Smoked Irish Bog malt, and a Scottish Peated malt. Balanced by a noble German bittering hop and the addition of West coast citrus hops for flavor and aroma. The fruity note’s and earthy ester’s from the ale yeast create a nice contrast between the bitter hops and the sweet maltiness of this brew.