Troegs Brewing Co – LaGrave

photo 4LaGra-vay, that’s fun to say. Well I hope I’m pronouncing it right. As I normally do when cracking open a beer that I have never had before I give it a nice smell after popping the cap. The Triple Golden Ale of Troegs has a dominant yeasty smell to it; which is common to this Belgium staple.
After a nice whiff of the aroma, I’ll pour the beer nice and slow and give it a good look. The beer has, as it’s namesake suggests a rich golden color and champagne white, frothy head to it.
And now it’s time to drink! I typically get a nice big mouthful on the first drink and let the taste buds experience the beer in its entirety. This triple has a full yeasty flavor at the beginning and finishes with a nice smooth mouthfeel and slight banana flavor to it.
Belgium monks would be proud of the Troegner brothers on how dead on they got this traditional triple.
photo 2After an hour or so of shoveling 14″ of heavy snow this one hits the spot. The 8% ABV definitely warmed me up and after finishing one, I wanted one more, too bad I only had one.
If you are not accustomed to Troegs beers, check them out. They brew some of the best brews in Pennsylvania. Their new facility, well newer facility in Hershey is fantastic, and conveniently located down the road from Hershey Park. I still think that they just moved from their original Harrisburg brewery. Cheers!