Get to Know Your Hops – Motueka

Introduction to Motueka Hops
New Zealand produces and breeds a great deal of excellent and disease resistant hops. One of the finest is Motueka.

New Zealand developed triploid varieties like Motueka and Nelson Sauvin through a breeding program at R.H.J. Roborogh. While most plants are diploids with 20 chromosomes,  labs can treat plants that are tetraploids with 40 chromosomes. Crossing a male diploid and a female tetraploid creates a seedless variety of which is very appealing to brewers both professional and homebrewers alike.

In Brewing
This is an excellent hop in multiple applications. With a Saazer parentage, this aroma hop adds excellent lemon, lime and other tropical fruits. Excellent from first kettle addition, throughout the boil and even as a late gift. For best results, use this plant when brewing traditional style lagers or ales with Belgian yeasts. The higher alpha acids, than that of its parentage, aids in a “noble” aroma and balances malty sweetness with the bitterness it can impart. Additionally the weight of oil to alpha acid can lend itself to high gravity styles.

Simply put, Motueka is a disease free hop that grows in cylindrical, loose cones. It matures very early in the season but produces a low to medium yield. After harvest, storage of the hop is good.

Technical Data
Alpha Acid      6.5 – 7.5%
Beta Acid        5 – 5.5%
Cohumulone  29%
Total Oil          0.8%

Humulene      3.6%        (Woody/Piney)
Farnesene        12%       (Floral)
Myrcene           48%       (Resin)
Caryophyllene  2%        (Woody)

Some Beers that use Motueka Hops are:

Sixpoint- spice of life  Sixpoint, Spice of Life Series,IPA, December 2013

Roundabout Brewery, Hy-PA, Session IPA_640x640  Roundabout Brewery, Hy-PA, Session IPA

21st Amendment, Hop Crisis, Imperial IPA  21st Amendment, Hop Crisis, Imperial IPA