Get to Know Your Hops – Citra

citra_hopIntroduction to Citra Hops
Originally known as HBC 394, Citra  is an aroma hop released by Hop Breeding Company in 2009.

What is it all about?
Planted in 1990 in Yakima Valley and then commercially in 2008, the Citra hop is a big “juicy” hop full of bright tropical and citrus flavors. Extremely popular right now for a multitude of reasons, you can find many beers that have been tastefully brewed with Citra both in blended and single hop offerings and equally as many that just absolutely go too far with it. Using a disproportionate amount of this hop, that has a relatively low cohumulone percentage of its high alpha acid as seen below in the technical data, can cause off  flavors and overly  bitter notes.

In Brewing
This can be an  excellent hop in multiple applications. With an interesting Hallertau, US Tettnanger, East Kent and Brewer’s Gold parentage, this special hop adds currant, lychee, peach and other tropical and citrus flavors to both the aroma and the taste. For best results, use this plant when brewing pale ales and india pale ales.. The high alpha acids, and very high total oil, creates a “noble” aroma and balances malty sweetness with the bitterness it can impart.

Technical Data
Alpha Acid      11 – 13%
Beta Acid        3.5 – 4.5%
Cohumulone  22-24%

Total Oil          2.6%
Humulene      11-13%
Farnesene        0%
Myrcene           60-65%
Caryophyllene  6-8%


Want a taste? Find these beers for  a first hand experience:
Surly Brewing, Abrasive Ale, IPA
Victory Brewing, Headwaters, Pale Ale
Troeg’s, Perpetual, IPA

Epic Brewing, Brainless, Belgian IPA




or as a single hop:aviary_1393799177679 Otter Creek, Citra Mantra, IPL (another new craze)
Cigar City, Hopped on the High Seas, Caribbean IPA (whatever that means)