Inaugural Beers of the ‘Burgh Fest


It’s an exciting time in and around Pittsburgh for Beer and the drinking community. It seems like every time you put in the effort to seek out beers from the newest brewer in the area you find out about someone else going pro.

The most energetic supporters of the craft beer boom will stop at no cost to journey around to the ever expanding list of bottle shops, pubs, restaurants and breweries just to experience the work of those tirelessly working day in and day out to provide the people of Pittsburgh with good beer.

I have to admit, festivals like the inaugural Beers of the ‘Burgh can be a powerful event to bring so many of these brewers and beers that we seek into one convenient location to showcase the many talents that exist. It is an opportunity for the most savvy and most virginal craft beer drinkers alike to get a first hand look, taste and understanding of each brewers offerings as well as a huge boost to the community in terms of bringing people together.

While we are a little behind on writing this up because we have craft beer dreams and passion, but full time jobs, we still wanted to share a little about the event that we enjoyed so thoroughly.

The venue was a huge open warehouse in Lawrenceville, PA with plenty of room to accomodate a massive attendance in a relaxed atmosphere. The perimeter was lined with about 35 or so local breweries and home brewers, a few food trucks, a great band and and local hop enthusiasts. Ranging from “Coming Soon” to established the collection of breweries was nothing short of exciting:


East End Brewing Company, Roundabout Brewery, Helltown Brewing, Arsenal Cider HouseLavery Brewing Company, Full Pint Brewing Company, All Saints Brewing Company, Grist House Brewing, Milkman Brewing, Hop Farm Brewing Company, Penn Brewery, North Country Brewing, VooDoo Brewery, Butler Brew Works, Eleventh Hour Brewing, Cellar Door Brewing, Rivertowne Brewing, Draai Laag, Aurochs Brewing Company is just part of the list of brewers that attended “Three Rivers United by Beer”


We also very much appreciated the presence of The Hop Project and Eden Hall Hops and we look forward to the chance to spend time with them in the very near future to bring more attention to some locally grown hops! We have actually been out to tour the grounds with Noah Petronic of The Hop Project several years ago and will be happy to bring you more information on the entire process these two have gowing on.

Now that the festival has come and gone, we encourage you to get out into the field and support your local brewer! Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas has a slew of venues that put great effort into providing you these opportunities so don’t miss out.

Hats off to those responsible for putting Beers of the ‘Burgh together, and we look forward to the event again in 2015!

Adam “AGtheDir” Greiner