Sixpoint Six Packs

From Sixpoint Newsletter


We’re proud to introduce brand new Sixpoint Sixpacks for our core beers, redesigned and reformulated — the first beer package to go in six-packs of sleek 12 oz cans.

With the new design we’ve also updated our beer formulations to be on par with the natural ingredients now available to us. The changes are subtle, but delicious, as President and Founder Shane Welch attests:

“When we first started brewing Bengali Tiger in 2004, certain hops were not even available to us. With the BENGALI, we have taken the formulation and the design to new heights. This has been over a year in the making, and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing the reaction from our fans.”sixpoint

The design update offered us an opportunity to clarify, for those new to Sixpoint, what they can expect from our beers. Our Mad Scientists do not brew to style, so our beers don’t fit neatly into categories, but we’ve approximated the best we can for our fans. The style demarcation can be found on the side of the package wrap.
The sixpack design also allows us to offer more beer for the same price. Customers will be taking home 72 ounces of beer in a 6-pack instead of 64 ounces of beer in a 4-pack under the new format, and the 6-packs should be the same price (or lower!) than our 4-packs were.