The Definitive Top 5 Fall Pennsylvania Beers

PAbreweriesYou see all these top 100, top 10, and top 5 lists all over the place so we figured we would throw our hat into the ring also. There are so many pumpkin spice, fall harvest, oktoberfest, and more beers out there it can get very confusing on which ones are worth your time to find and drink. So we here at have come up with the definitive top 5 list for PA.

#5. The fall beers at your local distributor.

That’s right. There is a ton of fall Pennsylvania beers right down the street from your house! Take a short drive and pick up a case or two and enjoy them!

#4. The fall beers at your local six pack shop.

Here you can find a selection of PA fall beers and try a little of this and a little of that. Some are good. Some aren’t. But hey… it’s only a six pack so it is not too bad if you don’t like some of them.

#3. The fall beers in a friend’s fridge.

Grab a fall beer from your buddies fridge and sit back and enjoy. Best of all, it was free unless you are the one who put the beer in there!

#2. The fall beers in your fridge.

Its always nice to grab a fall beer from your own fridge. Sit back, turn on some football, and enjoy.

#1. The fall beers at a PA brewery.

There is nothing better than some local fall beers straight from the tap when sitting at a brewery with some friends. Fresh, delicious, and there is always more in the kegs.


We know this isn’t the list you expected and that is what we were going for. If doesn’t matter if you like Victory, Troegs, Round Guys, Evil Genius or any other brewery. Just get out there and try some local brews! You don’t need to search all over for beers when there is a TON of deliciousness right here with over 150+ breweries and growing in our great state of PA.