Beer Cap Maps – A great way to showoff your caps

Digging through the caps

All of us who love beer have that box… or that bag… or many boxes and bags all filled with bottle caps from the breweries we have enjoyed over the years. We keep telling ourselves that we will make something with them. Maybe a table or a bar top. Maybe some fancy art piece that you just never get around to. So there they sit collecting dust in a dark basement. Luckily Beer Cap Maps has created an amazing solution.

IMG_0143I was able to get my hands on a Pennsylvania map and must say I was impressed. The map measures 24″x16″ and holds 106 bottle caps.  It is made of a wood laminate and is very sturdy. It can hang on the wall with a few screws or nails in the pre-drilled holes. Beer Cap Maps also sells a custom hanger that keeps the map off the wall and creates a stunning shadow effect and uses one of the bottle cap holes as the support (The hanger has a magnet in it so you won’t lose a spot on the map).

IMG_0150Putting the map together is the really fun part. The options are truly endless on how you make your map into a piece of art. (You can check out some of the ideas people have had Beer Cap Maps Gallery.) I decided to go with a bit of a repeating pattern. So I got out my bags of caps and started to dig through for all the PA brewery caps I had. I found out that over the years I have really enjoyed Victory, Troegs, Weyerbacher, and Fegley’s a lot more than is probably healthy for my liver. Putting the caps into the map is easy as long as the caps are not overly misshaped from opening the bottles. IMG_0147The caps push in from the back and little wooden prongs hold them in place. Within an hour I had my map full and ready to go.IMG_0156

Beer Cap Maps dont just do states. They have countries ranging from Canada to Germany. If these maps are too big they are sell smaller ornaments which are perfect stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season.

For $39.00 per state or country this is a very inexpensive purchase for a amazing way to show off your cap collection. This map is going to look really good hanging above the kegorator and showing off the great PA craft beers that we get to enjoy any day of the week.