We here at PACraftBeer.com love to beer but that is pretty obvious. There are many things that make PA stand out in the craft beer community. Now we want to hear from you. How do you know you are a PA craft beer drinker?

  • You can drive 20 minutes in any direction and get to a great brewery.
  • You have to buy beer by the case but you don’t mind because you know it won’t have time to go bad.
  • Troegs, Victory, and Yards are easy to get and have great beers that you still drink all the time. Dirt Wolf, Troegenator, Cape of Good Hope, etc.
  • You find it hilarious that craft beer cost basically the same as “water beer” at the Phillies and Eagles games. (East Coast PA)
  • You craft beer doesn’t have to match the glass! (BeerNERDs)
  • You have searched and all over and traded for “The Shape of Hops to Come”.
  • You know people that drive to Vermont just for beer runs.
  • A great night out is hitting one of the new breweries that are always popping up.
  • Philly Beer Week!
  • Before you know it this is what your glass always looks like.
  • You visit Troegs and Victory while your kids are at Hershey Park.





Comment below and let us hear how “How you know you are a PA Craft Beer Drinker”! Your comments just might end up on this list!